Whether it is a family function, a company party, or simply a weekend get-together, the BBQ Guys has a BBQ for your needs The BBQ Guys rental BBQs are available for reservation at the prices listed below. Our rentals are high-quality portable Crown Verity grills (see picture) that we restore prior to each and every reservation. BBQs are fixed with a wind guard (not shown in the picture).

These rental BBQs boast a 34 W x 21 D cooking surface, 79,500 BTUs and 5 burners.
Included with every rental is:
1. Pickup, delivery and Bio-Safe BBQ Restoration ($150 surcharge)
2. Hotline service for any question or concerns you may have while using your rental

All rental barbecues supplied by The BBQ Guys operate on propane. Propane is NOT INCLUDED in the rental. The BBQ Guys will provide propane at an additional cost if requested (20lb tank at $42).
Email inquiries to

Grill is fixed with a wind guard (not shown in picture)

Our portable Crown Verity Rentals
36,000 BTUs
19 x 22 Grilling surface

Terms and Conditions:

1. Full payment is required by the customer upon reservation of a rental
2. A security deposit is not required, however a credit card number is to secure payment in the event damages occur.
3. Rental prices are based on a 24 hour period
4. Once payment is made, all rentals are final






Price Listing

Number of rentals Rental Price
1 (3’ total) $229.99
2 (6’ total) $324.99
3 (9’ total) $436.99
4 (12’ total) $586.99
5 (15’ total) $724.99
6 (18’ total) $849.99

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