Gas Line Connection Service

The BBQ Guys Connection Service is an extension of the assembly program. Most Barbecue manufacturers state that the end user is responsible to complete the connection from the fuel supply to the Barbecue. We highly recommend that the manufacturers recommendations be followed. It should be noted that if the end user does not complete this hook up, the manufacturers warranty could be voided.

The BBQ Guys will connect a new BBQ that has been assembled by The BBQ Guys to a standalone 20lb propane tank. If alternate arrangements have been made for fuel supply, it is the responsibility of the end user to complete this connection.

If requested by you, The BBQ Guys can arrange for a hook up service to an alternate fuel supply. Be aware that a specialized fuel service technician may be required to complete this process and additional time and charges may apply. For custom BBQ installation services, The BBQ Guys will organize for a connection service. Because this service is unique to each situation, we invite you contact us to inquire further.

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